Covid-19 Pandemic Response

  • Kowall believes county Democrats went way too far with their restrictions during the COVID-19 response, depriving the people of their voice and setting a terrible precedent for the future.
  • Instead of protecting the most vulnerable, county Democrats punished small business owners, imposed dehumanizing restrictions on the public, and used COVID funds to push far-left objectives instead of helping the needy.
  • Kowall does not support any further lockdowns or mask mandates, particularly those pertaining to children, as they have been proven failures at stopping the spread of the virus.


  • Dams – Kowall introduced & passed Resolution #20196 – Demanding a comprehensive report on all dam structures in Oakland County, protecting our county residents from a disastrous failure similar to the disastrous failures of the Edenville & Sanford Dams in Midland
  • Kowall supports Oakland County’s Tri-Party Road Improvement Fund for county road improvements. In 2015, Kowall voted to increase the County’s contribution from $1 million to $2 million annually. 
  • Kowall is also supportive of the Local Road Improvement Program for city & village road improvements.

 Protecting Oakland County Taxpayers

  • Kowall has twice voted to cut the County Property Tax Millage from 4.19 to 4.04 (2015) and from 4.04 to 4.02 (2018)
  • Kowall supports continued 3-year rolling budgets plus 2-year forecasting, that got us through the Great Recession with no reductions in county services. They are vital to steering us through the economic impact of Covid-19!
  • Maintain AAA+ bond rating – a barometer of our County’s fiscal health & savings for cities, villages & townships bonding for projects under the County’s AAA+ rating.

 Serving Oakland County Residents

  • Reaching out to our local businesses during the Covid-19 Pandemic to assist Small Business Stabilization Grants.
  • Coordinating with Waterford & White Lake Township officials to coordinate Covid-19 efforts
  • Senior Citizens - Kowall serves as Minority Vice Chair on the Senior Healthy Aging Ad Hoc committee.
  • Human Trafficking - Kowall serves on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners (BOC) Human Trafficking Taskforce. As a state representative, she served on Attorney General Bill Schuette’s Commission on Human Trafficking.
  • PACE Program- Kowall supported this program to facilitate energy efficiencies for businesses.
  • Racial Tensions & Public Safety - Kowall believes in open & honest dialogue if we are to move beyond to end racial discord. At the same time, fund & defend law enforcement.  Continued law enforcement training protecting both citizens & officers in their interactions with each other.   Give PD’s the tools they need to better identify & weed out bad cops.  Provide facilities for training & best practices.
  • Healthy Lakes Initiative – In 2018, Kowall supported a Board of Commissioners partnership with the County Health Department and MiCorps, a new program to train volunteers on how to monitor lake water quality throughout the summer.
  • Oakland County Drinking Water station Program – Kowall supported a Board of Commissioners program to promote healthy hydration habits and a healthier environment. In 2018, the BOC funded 680 drinking fountain/bottle filling stations for elementary & middle schools in Oakland County.  In 2019, the program was extended to include high schools.
  • Anti-Bullying – Each year, Kowall has supported a BOC partnership with Oakland Intermediate Schools, dedicating funding for a program to train teachers & school personnel in anti-bullying techniques.